Water borne diseases to avoid

Many Indian families do not understand the graveness of water quality these days and so they never understand the importance of using water purifiers as well. But it is true that most of the available tap waters are full of contaminations and so they are never fit for drinking purposes. These water pollutants are chemical and biological and if one drinks it on a regular basis then it can lead to some fatal diseases.

There are many diseases that can happen when one drinks contaminated water. This can also become fatal and kill people if not treated properly.  Here are some major diseases that may happen.


This is a common water borne disease which can kill the infected person with a couple of hours if it is left untreated. This is mainly caused by bacteria known as Vibrio Cholerai. This bacterium mixes with the water which is contaminated by the faeces of another contaminated person. Most ice water and municipal water is contaminated with this bacteria which when consumed, release the toxic material in the intestine and it also causes some heavy loss of water from the body.


When this happens one suffers from heavy loss of water and watery stools. The major reason behind this disease is the consumption of contaminated water which is loaded with virus, bacteria and other harmful things. Many studies have found out that in this country, more than 1 lac people suffer from this infection.

Typhoid Fever

This is again a bacterial infection which only happens when the drinking water is contaminated by the typhi bacteria. If one drinks water loaded with harmful bacteria on a regular basis then there is a high chance for them to suffer from this disease.


It is another kind of bacterial infection that enters the human body with the help of contaminated water and food and it majorly affects the intestine of the body. as a result the intestine swells and cause a lot of health issues.


It is a kind of viral infection and there are mainly five types of Hepatitis. But among them only Hepatitis A and Hepatitis E happens when one drinks contaminated water or any other kind of liquid.

Viral Gastroenteritis

Again, this disease happens when one drinks contaminated water. It affects the intestine majorly and results to a lot of water loss from the body leading to stomach pain, fever and constant vomiting.


This infection also infects the intestine and it is caused by a micro organism called protozoa. It can lead to lose motion, stomach pain and some major abdominal crunch.

Water borne diseases to avoid

In order to avoid all these above mentioned diseases and some other diseases as well one should strictly stay away from drinking any sort of contaminated water and liquid. RO care India has come with some ranges of water purifiers which one can install at their home and at the work place so that one can always drink safe and filtered water. This will keep one healthy and germ free.

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